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The Most Beautiful Day | Gold Chiavari Chairs, Farm Tables, & Romantic Lighting

We think that this day was absolutely perfect. The weather was perfect, the colors were perfect, and Nicole and Daniel were perfect!!

This wedding was located at the Farm at High Shoals…

Nicole and Daniel have a special connection to the Farm and they just went all out for their DAY. No holding back, the show was on all day 09.24.2017. 

Nicole & Daniel


The Farm at High Shoals

Still in awe of this day!!!!

To start of the feel of this wedding, Nicole and her father were dropped off in a beautiful old car right at the base of the isle. It was the best dramatic entrance i’v ever seen! These two chose to get married in front of the Villa, on the stairs, with all of their friends and family watching as they sat in gold chiavari chairs surrounding them. With the candles lit and the sun setting behind the Villa in the vineyard it was a beautiful moment.

Cocktail hour was behind the house around the pool surrounded with cocktail tables and a bar set up (with the sun still setting of course). While the guests were enjoying their drinks, mingling and celebrating the love that they just witnessed, Nicole and Daniel snuck away with Claire to capture some breathtaking moments.

The reception was held in the barn, which was transformed into a wonderland never seen before and was not seen by either Daniel or Nicole until their entrance and Mr. & Mrs. Pelletier. When you entered the barn, there were trees and lights everywhere. A table with a polaroid camera, an album and a pen for guests to snap a picture and put in the album for a memory was waiting as everyone walked in. In every tree a glass bulb with a lit candle hung to provide the most romantic lighting for the evening. The head table was farm tables put together with beautiful floral arrangements surround the bride and groom plus their wedding party. All night long they danced, celebrated, and lived out the best fairytale day!

Venue: The Farm at High Shoals

Photography: Claire Diana Photography

Floral: JL Designs

Wedding Coordinator : Morgan Hall
















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