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moon light for wedding


Only the lamest of parties use plain old ceiling-mounted, overhead lighting. Perhaps you should spice things up a bit some café string lights and custom up-lighting, or a sparkly crystal chandelier... before all your guests leave you in the dark.
Oconee Events - Custom Wedding Reception Lighting in Greensboro, GA - Cafe String Light Rental Athens

Café String Lights

$1 - $2 per linear foot

Oconee Events | Beautiful Antique Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers

$150+ per chandelier

Oconee Events | Gold Circle Chandeliers

Gold Circle Chandeliers

$225 for 10 Light, $200 for 8 Light

Oconee Events | Modern Octagon Chandeliers

Modern Octagon Chandeliers

$185 for 5 Light, $225 for 9 Light

moon balloon light for party

Moon Balloon Lights

$275 per moon balloon

Chandelier Rental Athens GA

Wine Barrel Chandeliers

$185 - $285 each

Oconee Events | Uplighting Wedding Tent Rental in Athens, GA


$55 per light