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A former client reports: "Sitting on your solid gold Chiavari chair gave me an adrenaline rush similar to winning the lottery and lassoing an alligator. At the same time. Thank you, Oconee Events."

We challenge you to have a seat for yourself.

Crossback Vineyard Chair

Crossback Vineyard

$10 each

White Crossback Vineyard Chair Rental Athens, GA

White Crossback Vineyard

$10 each

Crossback Vineyard Bar Stool

Crossback Vineyard Bar Stool

$25 each

Gold Chiavari Chair

Gold Chiavari

$7 each

Silver Chiavari Chair

Silver Chiavari

$7 each

Fruitwood Chiavari Chair - Oconee Events

Fruitwood Chiavari

$7 each

White Folding Chair

White Folding

$3.95 each

Fruitwood Folding Chair

Fruitwood Folding

$4.50 each

White Plastic Folding Chair

White Plastic BBQ

$2 each

Black Plastic Folding Chair

Black Plastic BBQ

$2 each

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